Paid Dating Site Vs. Free Dating Site

I think it's mildly amusing when people dismiss dating sites you have to pay for like, and of course, simply because they aren't free.  The best line I hear is, “I don't have to pay to find a girlfriend/boyfriend.”

On the other side of the coin are the people who put their money where their mouth (or heart) is and fork over their credit card in hopes of finding the one.  They are, no doubt, hoping that the people on these dating sites are more serious about their love quest than those on the free sites.  ”You get what you pay for” is one of their favorite lines, dismissing the free sites with an easy cliche’.

I think there are pros and cons to both paid and free online dating sites…

Paid Dating Sites Vs. Free Dating Sites
Free Online Dating Sites. Advantage:

  • Well, it’s FREE. No hassle! Just put up your profile and hit the ground running!
  • If you don’t find what you’re looking for, it’s not like you wasted any money, right?
  • Great for the beginner online dater…stick your toe in the water, you know?

Free Online Dating Sites. Disadvantage:

  • Well, it’s FREE! These people haven’t had to go through any hassle to put up a profile. They've just…hit the ground running.
  • They probably have the mentality of…if I don’t find what I’m looking for, it’s not like I wasted any money, right?
  • Because there aren't any costs or hoops to jump through, you will have to weed through a lot more horrible profiles to find a diamond in the rough. But I know it can be done!

Paid Online Dating Sites. Advantage:

  • In my opinion, people who tend to go through the trouble of paying for something, are usually more dedicated and committed to it. Usually…
  • There are generally a higher number of “serious” profiles on sites like this, and the profiles tend to be more in depth, with more questions, matching capabilities and quality search results.
  • Any fee will act as a buffer between you and someone who is just trolling the internet for a date.  Paid sites tend to attract online daters who have tried the free sites before, and aren't looking to mess around.
Paid Online Dating Sites. Disadvantage

  • You may be disappointed because you've PAID…and have yet to find someone. Your expectations might be higher than if you hadn't spent a dime.
  • Unsavory characters are everywhere, and being a jerk has nothing to do with if someone is willing to type in a credit card number or not. So, while you think those who pay=those of quality, not true.
  • Some paid dating sites seriously make you jump through hoops before you ever email the person! I found this a bit annoying-I just don’t have this kind of time, and I’m a big girl-If I want to email someone, I WANT TO EMAIL HIM…I don’t need to go back and forth and answer random questions about if we both like apples or not.

What do you guys think about paid sites vs free sites? I’d love to hear!

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How to Choose the Best Online Dating Site

How to Choose the Best Online Dating Site

Online Dating
There are millions of singles on online dating sites. If you are single and looking for someone for a date, then you should definitely be online. But how do you know which online dating site to choose? Looking to marry a millionaire? Try Millionaire Match. Living with Herpes? Then take a peek at Positive Singles. Seeking singles over 40? Senior Match is the best one you could have a try. These dating services, and many others like them, actually exist. And if you know where to look, the right dating services are pretty easy to find. But first, you need to know what you are looking for, as there are more than 9 million dating services currently catering to the singles market.

Know what you're looking for
Before you start looking for an online dating site, you need to know exactly what you're looking for.Something serious that may lead to marriage? Casual dating to ease you back into the dating market? Adult dating with no strings attached? Friendship-based interactions that could lead to romance? If one or more relationship types interest you, make a note of that as well.

Ask for recommendations
Your friends and acquaintances are some of the best sources to go to for advice on which online dating websites are worth it. Chances are they've been on several of them already. Ask for their personal opinions about each, then look into the sites they suggest to see which ones might work for you.

Know how much you have to spend
Online dating sites can range in price from free to a few hundred dollars a year. It's important to know how much you have to spend on an online dating site before you join. You don't want to join a site and start meeting people only to find out that you can't afford it.after the trial expires. Also look around the Internet to see if they are any coupons or discount codes for the site.

Do some research before you join
Are there any online dating services that you've heard great things about and want to explore? Have friends told you to steer clear of any particular dating services? If so, add these to your criteria list. Choose some of your top dating sites - the amount is up to you, but try for less than ten. Take advantage of the dating services free sign up (every single online dating service offers free sign ups; it's contacting people that costs money). Search the other dating service members, take a peek at the features, and smile at a couple of interesting singles. See how each of the dating services interfaces work, and whether or not the quality, and quantity of singles in your area is acceptable.

By doing these things you'll get a better idea of what the site is like before you actually pay. If at anytime you find that you don't like the site you're on, all you need to do is go find another one. There are hundreds of online dating sites out there, all you need to do is start looking, and soon you find the one that's right for you.

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Paid Dating Site Vs. Free Dating Site